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Acoustic guitars bring a different life to any song. They change the mood, the melody, and where the song takes you. The lyrics and the voice are the same, but the music has changed. When you want craftsmanship as beautiful as the tones you play, there is only one name to turn to: Corban.

"Corban" comes from a hebrew word meaning "A gift devoted to God". Corban guitars are hand-crafted art. Each unique guitar is developed with an expertise that results from skillful planning and artistic ingenuity.

Corban guitars specializes in Dreadnought sytle guitars, but also builds 000Ms, 00Ms, a unique Corban creating the Jumbo size and an original version of a parlor guitar. Contact Bill to discuss the options for your custom-built guitar.

Corban guitars, custom guitars as individual as the notes you arrange to play on them.